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Evidence-Based AI that will infinitely optimize your training and nutrition plans for maximum muscle growth and fat loss. 

Unlike other apps, the AI will take your nutrition, training and lifestyle into account at the same time to design and update your programs with scientific precision.

I feel like I’m working with a personal trainer for a fraction of the cost - Joan

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Menno Henselmans Fitness App
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Your all-in-one AI fitness coach in your pocket

The AI will generate a full diet and training program for you, including macronutrient intakes and a complete meal plan with recipes.

Perfect monitoring and judgement-free accountability

The AI monitors your progress and adapts your program based on your data, regardless if you followed the programs to the letter.

Stop stressing about your programming

Let the AI take care of your program design. The AI is inhumanly precise with volume allocations and macro calculations and infinitely faster so you can spend your time on other things in your life.

AI Trained by world-class experts

AI trained by world-class experts in muscle hypertrophy, strength development and fat loss.

AI that optimizes your workout plans for maximum muscle growth, based on your personal results

Get serious with your training by taking the guesswork out of it. The AI will take the stress out of programming, allowing you to focus on others aspects of your life while still improving in the gym.

Our AI-driven app is not just for logging workouts. It's an intelligent coach. The AI will continuously maximize your individual muscle building plan, based on your progress, preferences and feedback. 

Unlike other Apps, the AI will take your nutrition, training and lifestyle factors into account to get you maximum results. Having training and nutrition in one app means you don't have to switch between multiple apps all the time.

The AI will continuously reoptimize to keep you on track to reach your goals

No more plateaus

The AI learns from your progression and will implement deloads and plateau breaking strategies when your progression stalls.

Flexible to your lifestyle

Missed a workout, having a stressful week or not sleeping enough? The AI will update your progression based on your results.

AI coaching for a fraction of the price

For a fraction of the price of a good coach, the AI does much of the same work and is available for you 24/7.

Exercise library

Unsure of how to perform an exercise? All the exercises in your plan have detailed instructions with demo videos.

Get an optimized nutrition plan, complete with recipes tailored to your wants and needs.

No more tedious calculation of your macros, endlessly trying to make your meal plan fit your macros. The AI will scan through our library of fitness recipes and give you a full, custom-tailored meal plan that matches your macros. It tells you exactly how much of each ingredient to eat and how to make each recipe.

Don't like a recipe? Just let the AI generate a new one. You can also add your own foods or recipes.

In the supermarket, you can also use the barcode scanner to automatically put the macros of common ingredients in your meal plan.(Note that this only works for common ingredients found in food databases and may not work as well in non-English speaking countries.)

Enjoy recipes tailored to your nutritional targets and preferences.

Need accountability?

The AI will help you build good habits and stay motivated. User-friendly check-ins, weigh-ins and measurements will keep you on track.

The AI also helps you set up an optimal daily schedule to get enough sleep and eat and train at consistent hours.

How to get started

To start, simply provide our AI with your details, and it will design an optimal training and nutrition program uniquely tailored for you.

The A.I. will create and start optimizing your program based on hundreds of factors, like:

  • Your height, age, weight, sex and current body fat level
  • Your current strength and activity levels
  • Whether you focus on fat loss or muscle growth
  • Which muscle groups you want to emphasize (if any)
  • The times at which you sleep, eat and train
  • Your training frequency
  • Your appetite and meal frequency
The A.I. will create and start optimizing your program based on hundreds of factors

The number one thing I love is that it is all in one. I’m able to track workout and nutrition with the bonus of being coached.

- Angelique

It's adding an element I previously lacked: commitment. Having everything in writing adds that sense of commitment.

- Timon

Love the app, I have made amazing progress, and I can’t wait to hit the gym when the time comes.

- Jack

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Annual Plan

$199 / year*

Save $40,- over the Monthly Plan

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Monthly Plan

$19.99/ month*

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From the minds of world-class experts in muscle building and fat loss

Menno Henselmans Fitness App

Menno Henselmans

I used to be a business consultant specialized in advanced data analysis. While I had a great traditional career, my passion had always been in fitness. 

I saw the fitness industry was filled with broscience, supplement scams and fad diets. There was a dire need for data-driven and scientific information.

I now help serious strength trainees get the most out of their physique with scientific fitness education. In addition to managing my online courses, I'm an online physique coach, scientific researcher and international public speaker.

Borge Fagerli Fitness App

Borge Fagerli

An engineer by education, I have delved deep into higher level physiology and biology, nutrition, exercise science and psychology. It came naturally to me to acquire large amounts of information and put it into practice, becoming one of the most prominent experts in the field.

Even with an impressive line-up of award-winning athletes and fitness competitors in and out of Norway, I get the most fun and enjoyment out of achieving incredible results in the average gym goer. It shows that my methods work universally.

Svein Even Eivindsen

I studied Applied Science at school and went to work in the energy sector, where I spent years focusing on getting the details just right for a very niche sub-section of an already niche aspect of the industry - all the while trying to figure out which rules of the trade were critical and which could be molded into more pragmatic best practices.

I then stepped up into a leadership role where the job is to let the experts do their thing, while I attempt to weave together the bigger picture in the field, where performance, resource management and pragmatism are paramount.

 Experience the A.I. that will get you maximum muscle growth and fat loss with scientific precision

Frequently asked questions

Do I need anything to follow the program?

Yes. To provide the AI with accurate data and ensure you get the most out of it, we highly recommend using a bodyweight scale and a kitchen scale. The nutritional programming will not work if you don't know what you weigh or cannot track your macros. We also highly recommend using a tape measure. If you have skinfold calipers or body composition scans, the AI will use those, but they are not necessary.

For the training program, you practically need access to a gym (which can be a home gym). The AI is not yet trained to design bodyweight-based programs.

How many times a week do I have to train?

You can choose anywhere between 1 and 7 times a week. We generally recommend going to the gym as often as you can for maximum results. Each workout will be shorter if you train more often, but we got you covered even if life gets in the way.

I have another question..

Go to our Contact Form or email us at

I'd like to report a bug

You can report bugs by clicking on your name in the menu and using the "report a problem" button. Please provide as much information as you can with included screenshots or videos if possible.